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purify within...

For more than 30 years I have worked in the healthcare field, first as a psychiatric counselor and then as a registered nurse, devoting my life to healing illness and disease. I did this with the upmost love and positive intention, but in the end I noticed something very strange. Most of my patients and clients wanted to stay sick. Put more simply, they would rather to take a pill than alter their lifestyle. Others were so attached to their diagnosis and labels it had become their identity. It dawned on me that my destiny is not to enable the ill, but instead too illuminate the path to their ultimate potential. 

My life's mission is this: To see you live in joyful health, graceful awareness and boundless freedom.


This is why I created PurifyWithin, your customized roadmap to  the healthiest, wealthiest, most vibrant life imaginable. I work with those rare humans that are committed to removing all toxins from their energetic field, allowing the body to do what is does best...

Heal itself.

 I have personally witnessed miracles when we allow energetically pure elements into our field of wellness. 

It lights me up to see others embody their souls's destiny. 

I would love the opportunity to see you purify from within, allowing your light to shine so brightly it awakens the universe. 







...a wild spirit, born and raised on a ranch in Northwestern Nevada. She loved the raw, untouched desert, told time by the position of the sun, smelled the sagebrush after a thunderstorm,  building forts out of willow trees, listening to plants, hearing the trees stories and wisdom from the sky and mountains.  She was free, using pure intuition as her guide, confident she could do anything her heart desired, her natural flow state. 


As she got older she was told to sit still, keep her voice quiet, ideas silent and listen to adults tell meaningless facts, learn arbitrary numbers, without question in a lifeless, nearly windowless classroom. She had many successful careers which gave her security, but never freedom. She felt further and further away from her true self, her mind clouded, her body tired, stressed and burdened with excess weight, toxic relationships, and handfuls of prescribed pills to manage. Deep down, Robin knew this wasn’t her path, she was meant to live a deeply inspired and connected life, to fulfill her soul's destiny. 


Robin began to follow her north star, living intuitively, consciously, again connecting outside in raw nature, staying in motion. This was once again flow state: soul illuminating integrity, pure alignment with source energy. Inspired with new energy, Robin spent nearly every waking moment reading hundreds of books on physics, biology, organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, spirituality and shamanism, applying this knowledge to fully understand and engage in multi dimensional healing. She worked directly with teachers such as Byron Katie, Martha Beck, and Koelle Simpson.  Robin spent time in South Africa learning the ways of the Shangaan trackers, delving deeply into the healing powers of medicinal plants. As she integrated this knowledge, she began the sacred road to self awareness, conscious living and full recovery.


Robin Stebbins is now a licensed Registered Nurse (R.N.), Bachelor of Science Psychiatric R.N., Certified Health Coach at Purify Within, Podcaster at Medicine Girl, and runs WildSky Retreats. She works in tandem with Mother Nature, Spirit, and Universal Energies to ignite your inner healer, clearing away the need for toxic drugs and harmful procedures. 


Robin wants everyone to know this: an extraordinary life doesn’t just happen. It won’t be easy, but a life lived vibrantly, untethered, and in harmony with the spirit is the path to true abundance, wealth and legacy. You are a warrior. Don’t leave the call unanswered, your gifts unopened


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